#irideYEG – Barbara Meister


What is your commute like?

34 km – along Whyte Ave.

How long have you been cycling? What got you started?

I have always loved riding a bike. I started bike commuting for fitness, to save on parking and because I enjoy it

What do you like about biking in Edmonton?

The same thing I like about biking anywhere….biking itself!

What’s your favourite place to ride for fun?

The river valley trails, mill creek ravine, anything like that. I also like to go to older neighbourhoods

What challenges do you face as a cyclist in Edmonton?

Some rude motorists who feel they own the road, not just a car!!

How safe do you feel on your commute?

Most of the time pretty safe, but there has been moments….

Does your family bike?

My oldest child is a cyclist but she lives elsewhere

What are your thoughts on winter biking?

Winter biking is not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

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