#irideYEG – Dave Buchanan

Dave_B_TCardWhat is your commute like?

25 minutes – a combination of backroads, sidewalks, and a bit on major roads like Stony Plain.

What are some of your favourite things about Edmonton?

The river valley, 104 street market, Alexander Circle, the Duchess Bake Shop, the new footbridge by Fort Edmonton, that pile of steel balls [Talus Balls] beside the Quesnell Bridge.

How long have you been cycling? What got you started?

Forever. I cycle commute for exercise, and because it’s easier and cheaper than other options.

What do you like about biking in Edmonton?

Like anyplace, Edmonton has its charms for cyclists. You just have to be willing to explore the city to find them.

What’s your favourite place to ride for fun?

On the country roads outside the city in any direction, especially gravel roads.

What would you like to see for bike infrastructure in Edmonton?

I’d like to see a network of continuous bike lanes/paths connecting various parts of the city and some separated lanes along some major routes (e.g. west end to downtown).

How safe do you feel on your commute?

Totally safe, though there is one spot at the corner of 102 Ave and 124 street that requires extreme caution.

Does your family bike?

Yes, my wife and kids are all avid cyclists.

What are your thoughts on winter biking?

For the past two years, I have cycled year round.

[Editor’s note: Dave wrote a piece on his blog about the pleasures of winter biking which you can read here. Here’s an excerpt:

“Now, the first ride of winter is not, generally, the stuff of poetry the way the inaugural spring ride is. But maybe it could be. The sizzling bacon of studs on pavement, the almost magical defiance of ice, the pure cold, the silent whiteness—there is indeed poetry in that. Add in the proud sense of taking on the elements, adapting to whatever nature throws at us, and I’d say there’s good reason to get excited.”]


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One thought on “#irideYEG – Dave Buchanan

  1. Victoria Day says:

    I’ve been thinking of trying to ride in the winter from Crestwood this year. Dave is now my inspiration to do that!

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