#irideYEG – Bruce MacPherson

Bruce_M_TCardWhat is your commute like?

20-40 mins – my workplaces vary. The fabulous Mill Creek trail is a feeder for most of my routes – I move north faster than a car there. I take trails and bike routes when I can, but for about 20% of the time I stake out a space in traffic.

What are some of your favourite things about Edmonton?

We’ve always been a bit funky artistically and now its really moving into the streets, year round.

How long have you been cycling? What got you started?

I used to commute on two wheels decades ago, but disliked the iciness in winter. Old whiplash and oncoming arthritis made bicycles painful, so I bought the trike nearly three years ago and I’ve never looked back (literally, I can’t ).

It kept us to one car years ago. It’s cheaper and the only exercise I get now. The fresh air and sunlight also keeps depression at bay better than any med.

What do you like about biking in Edmonton?

The river valley and the paved trails.

What’s your favourite place to ride for fun?

Still the ravine and river valley.

What challenges do you face as a cyclist in Edmonton?

 Poorly thought out bike routes and the lack of snow-clearing on them.

What would you like to see for bike infrastructure in Edmonton?

In the long term, only separate trails are going to really tip people to commuting, which I think is where the biggest impact can be made.

How safe do you feel on your commute?

I max out everything I can, bright clothing, multiple lights, (including right up my flag) a big mirror and horn. And a helmet every second I’m on the trike. (I think the debate on that is a no-brainer, unless you have none or don’t want any)

Given that, I feel fine. In the big picture, cars are killing us in many ways. If we looked at cost alone we’d be better off buying a bike for everyone and paying them to use it. Those who think cars are safer should reflect that virtually everyone is in a car accident eventually, sometimes involving pedestrians. Picture bikes being involved instead of cars, and you’ll get where I am on bike safety.

What are your thoughts on winter biking?

It’s great! Prepare carefully and your biggest problem is sweating. The second biggest is traction, but invest the cost of a few tanks of gas a month, cancel the gym membership you’re not using, and you can afford any rig, whether it’s balloon tires or a trike like mine that won’t fall over.

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