We’re happy to announce the beginning of a new local tradition. Inspired by a group in Portland, we’re launching an Edmonton version of #CoffeeOutside.  Once a week we’ll gather somewhere along the river valley – camp stoves, thermoses, and portable coffeemakers in hand – for a bit of early morning caffeine and fellowship.

This week we’ll be meeting at 7:15 am on Friday, November 28 at the wooden platform in Government Hill Park.

Gov't Hill Park

Come on down and bring a mug, some water, and whatever you need to brew a cup the way you like it. It’s guaranteed to be worth the grind.


2 thoughts on “#CoffeeOutside

  1. AngO says:

    So…how was it? Anyone show?

    • yegbike says:

      The snow prevented a lot folks from making it, but a few were still there! We had another one this morning and will be continuing. Watch this space and the @bikeyeg Twitter account for details!

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