Delivery Day


It was a good day to ride.

On November 15, we launched our first charity campaign under the moniker Two Wheels Good to collect donations of winter clothing for Youth Empowerment and Support Services of Edmonton. As we set up donation boxes, we had no idea what to expect – whether there would be a large response or none, whether the word would spread or not. We just hoped to do a little good.

As time passed, we got more and more excited. Word spread across social media, local press took the time to promote our efforts, and, as the boxes filled and overflowed, we grew more and more excited for the delivery ride.

The excitement crescendoed as a dozen of us met early yesterday afternoon outside Revolution Cycle. Trailers loaded, cargo bikes filled, and panniers stuffed, we took to the streets and trails to deliver the tangible proof of Edmonton’s generous heart.

Laughs were shared, hills climbed, and friends briefly lost and found again. Along the way, both our numbers and cargo swelled until we arrived – toes tingling, legs sore, and smiles wide – at YESS.

The donations collected far surpassed any of our expectations, and seemed to take the volunteers we met by surprise as we brought in enough boxes, bags, and bins to fill a good part of their upstairs office.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Earth’s General Store, Mud Sweat & Gears, Redbike, and Revolution Cycle for hosting donation boxes and helping us spread word of the campaign, Edmonton Bicycle Commuters for their help in promotion and loan of two bike trailers, CBC’s Mark Connelly for joining us on the ride, and CBC, Vue Weekly, and CTV for providing coverage.

Thanks most of all to all of the people of Edmonton who took the time to donate winter clothing to those in need.

It was a good day to ride.

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